Classes & Prices
In our open classes for new and advanced students we practice dynamic and static sequences – everybody according to his personal abilities and needs.
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Classes & Prices


Monday 6:20 – 7:40 pm Welcome Yoga English Hannah
Tuesday 7:20 – 8:40 pm Welcome Yoga Hannah
Wednesday 6:20 – 7:40 pm Hatha Yoga with Flo Flo
Sunday 5:20 – 6:40 pm Hatha Yoga Hannah or Flo

Our school is usually closed on public holidays.


Currently, we have 9 available space. You have the option to book (binding) via FITOGRAM until 1 hour before the class starts.

Of course, you can also drop in without booking and join, if we have free spaces.


It’s your first time with us?

Free trail lesson
10 €
3 classes card
25 €
onetime (valid 4 weeks)

You are a regular student?

10 classes card
130 €
unlimited valid
10 classes card
110 €
valid 3 months

You are dropping in from time to time?

15 €


Welcome Yoga

You would like to explore Yoga or get to know our school? Or would you like to restart after a break?


Then, Welcome Yoga is our offering for you! We take the time explaining the principles of Hatha Vinyasa and the Yoga postures. You can familiarize yourself in your own speed with core elements like the coordination of breathing and movement and the proper alignment of your body. We individually adapt the postures to match your physical condition as best as possible.


Monday classes are taught in English.

Hatha Yoga

You are familiar with Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and its principles?


n Hatha Yoga classes we focus on the experience. We practice dynamic sequences as well as static postures and internalize our breath attention. Adjusted to your needs you are moving and strengthening your muscles, while your mind can find peace. Breathing exercises and short meditations deepen your relaxation.


You want to start the weekend relaxed and energized?


Yoga at lunch time is a donation class addressing our neighbors living and working in the Wacker Fabrik. After a short Yoga class, your weekend starts energized and relaxed at the same time. All donations will go to a good cause (currently: Grünes Band, Bund Naturschutz). The class usually takes place twice a month on Fridays. Please check our schedule.


After every Yoga lesson, we are happy to answer your questions and enjoy a cup of tea together with you.